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Bicycle Car Racks

Simply click the style of rack your looking for and see whats in stock. We carry several brands of racks from Thule, Hollywood, Allen and others. If you need to have a receiver hitch installed scroll down page for info.

Special Order Racks & Accesories

Hitch Racks In Stock

Trunk racks are a convient way to transport your bicycle. There are several models that accomidate 2, 3 or 4 bicycles to be transported. See our instock models.

Trunk Racks In Stock

Hitch racks are the easiest way to transport bicycles. However you must have a receiver hitch previously installed on your vehicle. Hitch racks mount to the framework of the vehicle and are very stable. If you do not have a reciever hitch and would like one installed we can guide you on where to have one installed. Just follow the link below.

Need A Receiver Hitch Installed?

Serious Cycles has teamed up with Autosports of Kingston, MA for your receiver rack instalations. Please contact them for pricing and instalation times.

Autosports Link