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BIKE Tune Up $89.99  

E-BIKE Tune Up $129.99

A Tune up should be Complete and thats why we offer only one.  You ask how other shops can offer a tune up at $39.99? Thats because that so called "Tune Up" only includes brake and gear adjusting. It truly shouldn't be called a tune up at all. Feel free to compare what our Tune Up includes and you'll see the difference.

Free Repair Estimates

No need to call for an appointment just bring your bicycle in at your convenience. We will be happy to inspect your bicycle and give you an accurate estimate on the spot. Flat repair and minor adjustments are done while you wait. Our major repair turn around is very quick and generally only a couple days.

Complete Overhaul $279.99 *

Our Overhaul is very extensive and Includes everything in our Tune up, plus much more. This service will ensure your bike will be ready to go for whatever adventure you decide. * Pricing varies so see details by clicking link.

Bicycle Assembly $99 

Electric Bicycle Assembly $149*

We would be happy to assemble any bicycle whether it needs to be unpacked from shipping or just purchased. Drop it off anytime and we will have it back to you in only a few short days. * Electric Bike assembly pricing varies so see link below for details.


Bicycle Packaging & Boxing $70/99

We can package any bicycle whether your selling it or simply going on a trip. We offer two types of bicycle packaging.

Bicycle Fitting $75+

At Serious Cycles our PRO FITTING System was designed to help cyclists like you ride faster, longer and in complete comfort, while reducing your chances of injury. So schedule your fitting now! We have several fit options to fit your needs.

Weekender" (30 min) casual, flat pedal rider...$75

Recreational" (60 min) intermediate rider using cages, flat pedals... $175

Endurance" (90 min) road bike with clipless pedals... $250

Tri bike (120 min) (such a pain dealing with aerobars!)... $350*

Recreational, Endurance, Tri bike fits all include a 30 min follow up visit for fine tuning